Barry Thomas Goldberg composed a song about Charley Burley for his pal August Wilson (who died recently).

August was very pleased and honoured to be linked to his own personal hero, Charley Burley, in this way.

The song is currently available on Barry's new Album -
'The Last Guitar'
- and is available from CDBABY

Black Dynamite (Charley Burley)
Words and music by Barry Thomas Goldberg
The Pittsburgh streets were hot on that summer night
I heard the ghost of Charley Burley, the uncrowned champ
The ghost says to me, "Sugar Ray won't fight the fight
And the man keeps me down he won't even give me a chance"
A song for August and the fighters in the world
Keep fighting for your freedom, freedom's the word
"I'm too pretty for Charley Burley", the Sugarman says
He was too good for his own good, now he's the last honest man
So he barnstorms up and down the Midwest
And once in a dusty tank town he almost got lynched
A song for Don Quixote and the dreamers in this world
Keep chasing the windmills forever's the word
Here comes the garbageman
He'll tell them stories and pick up the trash
He should have been the champion
Here comes the garbageman
The Pittsburgh streets were cold on that autumn night
It's the final round for Black Dynamite
The referees got down on their knees the night Charley died
The garbageman was never champion but he lived an honest life
A song for Charley and the ghosts in my soul
They keep pushing me forward
There's stories to be told....

Thanks to Barry for permission to reproduce the lyrics here.

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